At Duck Rabbit Studios we have a keen understanding of how to portray companies in the corporate field in a way that makes them both intriguing and professional.

Please view some of our select corporate work in our extensive portfolio section below...

Investec Tottenham Hotspurs SA Tour

POCiT Explanatory Video

Sureswipe Introductory Video

Mercedes Benz

Converse Optimistic Rebels

Investec People

Virgin Unite - Richard Branson SA Launch

Cartier Jewellery

FNB Video

Spectrum Mobile Logo Build

Mjejane Introductory Video

Moneycall Introductory Video

Puma Activation Video

Department of Tourism

Adidas Billboard Advert

Coca-Cola Music Video

AG Cellular Animation

5FM TV Animation

Discovery Jacaranda Spring Walk

Puma South Africa - Make Football Anywhere